In a lot of channels? Yeah we are too. This website is to help companies resist the urge of creating another channel by letting you do it here. We got tips down below too.

Go ahead, add another channel here instead

The internet has added channels to notanotherchannel.com

Don't create more than you need:

  • Should I create a channel for this ticket? No
  • Do I want to be in another channel? No
  • Will another channel make me productive? No
  • Will this additional channel bring me joy? No


Do we need a channel to discuss this really specific product issue?

Answer: No

Alternatives to channels

Use threads 🧵! If you have a specific topic that needs to be covered, try using a dedicated thread.

Create a DM with multiple people. If it ends up being super important, then convert it to a channel.

Leave channels you don't use:

Yes, leave channels often and don't feel bad about doing so. This link is actually very helpful.

More tips

  • Mute channels you're too scared to leave
  • Group channels into categories
  • Use @mentions to quickly cleanup callouts